Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving this week???

Holy crap!!! Where did November go???? It is already here?!?!? Well, as the holidays come around it is a lot harder to stay on your A wise. There are SOOOO many delicious foods and recipes that go around when the holidays come around. It can be rather difficult to eat clean or behave at times when you are surrounded by a plethera of warm, delicious, comforting foods and drink. Hey, you can indeed have some fun and splurge a little, but be smart about it. One of my biggest downfalls and my favorite of thanksgiving is stuffing...and oh boy can that rack up the calories in a serving. But it depends on how you make it. With any cooking, you can alwasy substitute butter with healthy cooking oils like EVOO (extra virgin olive oil for thos of you who don't know) or flaxseed, or canola oil works too. For me, I like my stuffing pretty gooey, and I buy it from a farmer's market. It is made with whole grain, wheat bread and already has a lot of great herbs and flavor to it. We just add some celery and some onion to it to give it a little extra punch to it. Put it all in a pot and let it soak in enough water for the right conistentcy and voila! It really doesn't need butter or oil so the fat contect is lower. Make sure you read the ingredients on your stuffing if you want to be a little healthier. Buy products with ingredients you recognize and can pronounce. Try to get it as natrual as you can, I promise you this stuffing that I buy does NOT lack in flavor. You can always add your own healthy extras or spices and herbs to give it the right flavor. I get about 2-3 bags of this (pretty cheap too) and I always have plenty left over ;)

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