Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday my fit friends! I hope that ll is going well for you! We made it another week!!!! Boy, I will tell you that it has been a long week for me. I think I may have walked under a ladder or broke a mirrior with the amount of bad luck I keep running into. But the important thing is that it is over and it is finally the weekend! I know that during your time trying to improve your health that it can be so difficult (especially this time of year). But if you are tying to plan for an event, and let's say you have a specified amount of weight to lose. This handy dandy chart can help you get there. It shows how many calories = to lbs being burnt off. This is of course

would be a number you would aim for per week, but if you have a little bit to lose or maybe more, you can use this little guy to help guid you in the direction or even help you understand how many calories you need to burn to lose weight a more quickly.

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