Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Being a Student Can Get $$$$

Me and my boyfriend were discussing college the other day and he was off on a tangent on how expensive school books are. Sadly, he had purchased all his books and one night someone broke into his car and stole his bag with his text book in it. I felt so bad for him...I remember when I went to college that I never wanted to spend the ridiculous amount of $$$ on books. I don't remember how I came across them, but I came across a bunch of really cool websites that allow me to rent the books I needed anywhere from half to less than a third of the price! They even paid for shipping both ways as long as I returned it on time. Then I wouldn't have to worry about selling the books I wouldn't use either. However, I wish I would known They have extremely reasonable prices for a book you won't even be keeping once the semester is up. What is nice is the renting periods are a lot more flexible than a few of the sites I used. I also couldn't mark in the books from other places, and I always need to write notes or I just forget the things I learn in class. You can actually write or highlight in these books. My favorite thing about this is (because you get money out of this) is there is a section in the webite called rent back. So if you have already spent $$$ on buying a book you won't use again, you can rent it out to other people and get money everytime you rent it out to someone. Who knows, you could end up making more off the book than you spent (which is rare!). There is a cool video below on the rentback section. I just know how stressfull it can be being a student when you are trying to balance work, family, and education and you are transporting back and forth. I have been there! I am surprised more people haven't heard of renting books...its so much cheaper than buying... Rentback >

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  1. When I was in school I would either rent my books or buy them from another bookstore not from my school which saved me a lot of money each semester


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