Monday, August 19, 2013

Vegetarian Fajitas

The kudos for this recipe goes out to my boyfriend! We decided to have a more laid back Saturday and cook dinner together and watch a movie. Since we both are still on our New York kick, we saw the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway while we were there, so we decided to watch the movie. Anyway, this recipe goes out to my veggetarians and possibly vegans, depending on what you put on it. I love that my boyfriend is very good at coming up with vegetarian meals of foods we both really like.


1. red, yellow, orange, green sweet pepppers (all colors or just the ones you like, it doesn't matter)
2. chopped onions
3. salsa of your choice
4. black beans
5. whole wheat tortillas (or corn if you wish)
6. almond cheese
7. cayanne pepper
8. red pepper flake seasoning

This is super easy, there really isn't a wrong way to possibly cook this. All you have to do is chop the onions and peppers (if they aren't already) and throw them in a skillet or pan, etc. Saute them in a little bit of olive oil until they have that golden tint to it. Then add the salsa and your cayanne pepper and crushed red pepper flakes. Those spices add a good kick to it so if you aren't into spicey, then skip the spices, add your own or add very little to it. But I love spicey food since it actually has been shown to raise the metabolism ;) a bit. Then throw in the black beans (protein!!!)  and let that sit for as long as your heart desires. I say 10-15 min, the sauteing shouldn't take very long either since you are just trying to cook through veggies and beans (which doesn't take as long as cooking meat). You then can just shred up some almond cheese or buy it shredded  and take the veggie & black bean mix, throw it on a tortilla with any extra addings like low fat greek yogurt (good sour cream replacement if you want it) or some chulula, tobasco sauce, etc. Roll it up and enjoy!!! It really is nice to have a day to go meatless and try something new. I think I want to try doing one day a week away from meat just to force myself to try new foods.


Thank you for your comments, I'll respond ASAP.