Friday, August 23, 2013

Best Self Tanner

Alright to it is no secret that I have European skin in my family. I am a white red head, sometimes I can light up the room all by myself (no electricity needed!). I can tan, but that is usually after a burn and we all know that isn't very good for your skin. So I had been hearing all this hoopla about this self tanner for a long time now. Whenever I would see it in a store or online, I would go to look at it but then I would just say "I'll get it later". Well I was looking at my legs the other day and they were probably as white as the backdrop on my blog. YIKES. So I finally grabbed a bottle of and I put it on the first day, not expecting much and boy....did it deliver. I am sure everyone has heard of St. Tropez self tanning mousse. Can I say that I LOVE IT??!!! I put it on (trust me, I was nervous when it came out of the bottle, it looked SUPER dark). I mean it was minutes after applying it to my skin and I saw the color change to a shade or so darker. Let me tell you, I am QUEEN of having streakyness when it comes to self tanners, but this product really blends well to your skin and evens it self out more so than your regular tanner. LOVE THIS STUFF! I think I may feel comfortable to try a little bit on my face! So yes, it doesn have a bit of a price tag to it (unless I am just cheap) but it is a lot cheaper, safer, healthier to do it this way than baking in the sun, in a bed, or get an orange, streaky, hot mess from a tanning salon.

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