Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stationary = Insanity

Generally, I am a pretty active person. Ever since I understood the importance of being active, I've done a pretty good job in staying mobile. All throughout school its easy to keep moving. In college, I took public transportation and the campus was huge anyways so I was sprinting to different buildings after each class and then working in cleaning or retail, I was always on my feet and running around, lifting heavy objects, etc. However, recently I have just been moved to a new job. It's the typical 8-5 five days a week office job...and its driving me CRAZY. I am sitting for most of it and I feel like I am going to hyperventilate or have a panic attack. The office is pretty small so there isn't much room for getting up and walking around before I've hit a dead end and have to come back. The parking lot is small too, so it's not like you can get a good walk from there to the office. So, I come to YOU for advice...Anyone have any good ideas on how to keep moving or fit in some activity at a desk job??? I am going bonkers!!!! I am pretty sure everyone is annoyed with me already. I've walked into their office spaces like thirty times each. Anywho, I will start posting some motivational pick me ups to get you inspired for the day or hopefully push you to push yourself as well as a snack/meal/recipes to help give you some ideas for some healthier foods. I will share any helpful hints or tricks on better living as well as awesome playlists or music that inspire me to get up and move. I don't know about you guys but music is EVERYTHING to me when it comes to working out. It really sets the tone for how hard I'll be going or how "into it" I'll be. OH and of course I'll be posting workout ideas, thanks for reminding me ;) If you have any questions or requests on my posts feel free to ask!

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