Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Doesn't the title say it all???? With my new job and everything I do have to get up early to get my workout in because honestly, I know that if I leave it till after work I will either try and skip out on it or wait until the last absolute hour at night to do it and then I'll wake up groggy and running on no sleep the next day. I have to do it in the morning first thing or I just won't do it at all. And can I tell you how much I HATE 4 AM???? EW. I literally had to drag my sorry...butt out of bed and throw on the Nikes. With how colds its been here I would rather sleep in my nice warm bed until I have to get up to get ready for work.....But then I'll have to pep talk myself for hours that I need to get my workout done after work and probably won't do it until 10 PM at night.....I'm such a procrastinator it's ridiculous. There are many days where we all would prefer the snooze button and just convince ourselves that we will just get it done later or after work/school, etc. Hey, if you are accountable enough to do it later, go for it. You know the question I get all the time from those around me? "When is the best time of day to work out?" Well people I will tell you exactly when that is and it's whenever you can MAKE the time for it. Night, noon, or morning will all work as long as you get it done. Notice how I emphasized the whole MAKE time for working out. We all have busy lives and need to get this done, have to be here at this time and make a thousand cookies for the bake off and feed a family of 12 and what not. No one has time on their hands they can just give away, you have to MAKE the time for these things just like you MAKE the time for family, parties, school activities, sports, or your favorite TV show. We all MAKE the time to do or schedule something because we find it important enough to fit in our schedule. You want to become serious about a healthier lifestyle? Then MAKE the time for it. MAKE time for exercise and making foods that are more nutritious and wholesome for you. And if you're starting out or just aren't a fan of exercising yet (because you will be after you start! Trust me it's addicting!) do something you LOVE. Dance to your favorite tunes for a half hour, go walking, jump on the tramp with your kids, go swimming or skiing, play sports, just move for a 20-30 minutes if you're new to this. Don't overkill this process, you'll get frustrated and fall back. Enjoy this journey, its worth the time you MAKE for it.

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